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Para la Salud de Nuestras Comunidades

For the Health of Our Communities

The Coalition for a Healthy Greater Worcester has partnered with the City of Worcester Division of Public Health and other  partners on an exciting new project funded by the Centers for Disease Control Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (CDC REACH) program. This is a 5 year project seeking to address health inequities impacting the health of the Latino/Latinx community in Worcester. With an overarching goal of health equity, the REACH project values the community’s experiences and expertise.

Focus Areas



Physical Activity




Clinical - Community Referrals


Our Approach

  • Work to understand the challenges that our Latino/Latinx communities face

  • “Get the word out” to our community members about existing programs 

  • Support organizations & programs that promote the health of Latinos/Latinxs in Worcester 

  • Work on the ‘Greater Worcester Community Health Improvement Plan’ (CHIP) 

Need help? Search free and reduced cost services like medical care, food, housing, and more in Worcester. 

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Let's Do This Together!


​We are looking for individuals, groups, and organizations to partner with us on REACH. For more information contact us today! 

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