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Thank you for your interest in becoming involved! There are many ways for faith-based organizations to work with us to achieve health outcomes. Faith-based organizations may commit to working on a specific strategy or may dedicate resources to ensure the success of the Coalition's work through raising awareness and funds to support a priority area of interest. Whatever way you choose to become involved, the best first step is to complete a CHIP in! agreement here.


Following is a list of 2016 CHIP strategies which pertain to faith-based organizations:

Mental Health
4.2   – By 2018, develop a long-term plan for integrating ongoing assessment of the mental health needs of the region into ongoing Community Health Assessment, including academic, cultural, and faith-based organizations in the planning of which.
Cultural Responsiveness
6.3.2 – Increase the capacity and resources for cultural organizations and faith-based organizations to participate in regulatory decision-making processes and to improve services in order to become more culturally responsive.
Access to Healthy Food
7.1.3 – Conduct SNAP and WIC outreach at community-based and faith-based organizations.
7.3.5 – Provide opportunities for faith-based organizations to engage in food justice, including gardening, cooking classes and healthy options in pantries.  
9.3.4 – Provide increased opportunities for police and community members to engage in fun activities to build positive community-police relations.


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